>>> I would like to reserve some namespaces, if possible:
>>> @@ = algobox (released package)
>>> @@ = cellprops (released package)
>>> @@ = fontsizes (will be released soon)
>>> @@ = rivbook (will probably be released once I clean it up enough)
>>> @@ = rivmath (parts will probably be released, maybe with their own
>>> namespace)
>>> @@ = gatherenum (will be released soon)
>> Done.
> Thanks a lot.  I noticed a mistake in the git commit though, you
> reserved «gathernum» though it is «gather*e*num» (adding a
> "gathered" option to enumitem's enumerate, so as to have an inline
> enumeration with the exact same settings and level instead of two
> separate environments).

Maybe it makes sense if the LaTeX team provides a simple,
human-readable template, which a small script automatically converts
to the needed CSV format, and which in turn gets merged into