> A hypothetical L3 locale database could provide for things that are 
> currently handled by packages like `babel` or `polyglossia`: 
> directionality, hyphenation, quotations, special punctuation spacing, 
> &c. It could also provide locale- specific date and time formatting, as 
> well as sorting rules.
> The Unicode Common Locale Data Repository provides most of the 
> information that would be needed. It is formatted in XML, so it would
> need to be processed into a form that TeX can easily read.

Have a look at:


and particularly locale.zip . It is based on the CLDR, but with some
minor changes, for the reasons explained on the manual, namely,
the aim of the CLDR is just to display information and not fine typesetting.

> These are just my own thoughts and I apologize if I’m being overzealous 
> or too forward. However, I would certainly be happy to contribute in 
> this area, if I can be of use.

Thank you. Any help is very welcome.