2018-11-02T18:48:39+0100, Javier Bezos:
> Have a look at:
> https://ctan.org/tex-archive/macros/latex/required/babel/base
> and particularly locale.zip . It is based on the CLDR, but with some
> minor changes, for the reasons explained on the manual, namely,
> the aim of the CLDR is just to display information and not fine typesetting.

I apologize, I really ought to have done more research before writing my posts.

After some thought, I think I will focus on the class in terms of document
structure and interfaces, and not so much in terms of advanced features
(e.g. locales, hyperlinks, bibliographies, &c.). It is better to wait until
interfaces for such things are available from the L3 format, instead of trying
to implement my own versions.

If it possible later on, I will provide patches allowing the class to work with
`babel`, `hyperref` and other such packages, but it won’t be a primary concern.

It seems I got a bit carried away by my excitement for this project.