Typography is about writing and reading. A 4K television is also a large computer monitor. A mobile phone is a small monitor. Blind people effectively have no monitor. A zoom presentation has many monitors, can't we do better than screen sharing!

Tomorrow's TeX Hour (Thursday 15 April, 6:30 to 7:30pm UK time) is about adapting our use of TeX and LaTeX for this 21st century problem of computer monitors large, small, none and many. I'll share my experience and ideas, and I hope you will also. Let's think outside the printed page.

The zoom details are at https://jfine2358.github.io/contact/

Last week's TeX Hour had Jana Schroeder as a special guest. I'm now editing the video recordings into topic-based short clips. From last week I recommend

Indentation and short term memory - http://y2u.be/bZRfWt5dRX4
Sighted coders create their own adaptations - http://y2u.be/ugUGRG8cmtc
Blind coders also want adaptations - http://y2u.be/diZICs5loM4

You'll find the full list of TeX Hour videos at

Would you like to give a short presentation at the TeX Hour? Perhaps as a try-out for a TeX Conference talk. Do let me know.  All are welcome. The TeX Hour has a monthly cycle for its topics.

First Thursday: Beginners
Second Thursday: Accessibility
Third Thursday: Conversion (eg LaTeX to PDF, LaTeX to HTML, markdown to LaTeX)
Fourth Thursday: Durable Documents (same outputs give same input across space and time)
Fifth Thursday: Experiments and Exploration.

Finally the 2021 online TeX Conference is August 5 to 8: https://tug.org/tug2021/ 

with best wishes