Perhaps Off Topic, but for a good cause.

This year I met Jana Schroeder, a blind person forced to change jobs as
part of the social cost of Covid. Her outsider experience of computer
coding training became a wish to make things better. She has applied for a
Holman Prize ($25,000 over a year) to fund this. She's also set up a survey
to reach and know better those with similar wishes.

One simple way to help open to many is to volunteer to be a sighted helper
for a code and math variant of I encourage you to listen to
Jana's pitch for a Holman prize, and if you want to help complete the
survey (whether you're blind or sighted, code or math, young or old). I've
learnt a lot about accessibility from Jana.

Jana Schroeder's Holman pitch (90 seconds):

Jana Schroeder's survey (15 minutes):

Finally, The Holman Prize:

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