Dear LaTeX developers

Summary: Invitation to TeX Hour to relate current work to your dependency on research into math accessibility.

I intend at this Thursday's zoom TeX Hour to explore the multi-year LaTeX project to fully and naturally support the creation of structured documents. I'll focus on how this project relates to improving blind access to math prior to the completion of your project. As you know, there's already much prior and continuing work in this area.

For clarity, my focus on Thursday is to relate this work to the LaTeX project's dependency on research into tagging mathematics. Through previous TeX Hours and otherwise I've had contact with experts in accessibility of mathematics, and conversations with blind readers of mathematics and computer programmers.

I hope some members and supporters of the LaTeX project can come to this TeX Hour on math accessibility. I appreciate that this is short notice. I'm happy to reschedule, if this would improve attendance. And if not, video will be available afterwards.

At this point I'm hoping only for preliminary discussions. A prompt expression of interest or otherwise in having this discussion would be most helpful. I don't expect to solve all problems in one meeting, so they'll surely be further events and opportunities.

with best regards