We're pleased to have Yihui Xie as our special guest at the TeX Hour tomorrow (Thursday 20 May, 7:00 to 8:00pm). Yihui is a major contributor to R Markdown and the associated TinyTeX.

R is a popular statistics and data analysis programming language. It uses R Markdown as a single source for many outputs, from HTML and Beamer slides through to interactive notebooks and LaTeX typeset mathematics. We can learn a lot from R Markdown.

Note that we start at 7:00pm. The room will be open at 6:30pm as usual, but Yihui won't be arriving until after 7:00pm. Arrive at 7:00 yourself if you wish. The UK time now is https://time.is/UK

The zoom details are:

Interested? If you have time, you might like to look at:
Authoring Books with R Markdown: https://bookdown.org/yihui/bookdown/
TinyTeX - a 100MB subset of TeXLive: https://yihui.org/tinytex/

Advance notice: Next week we'll look at how git can help us improve CTAN, TeXLive and reproducibility of documents.

Looking back, the video from last week (PreTeXt, LaTeX and Accessibility) is available at:

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