Tomorrow's TeX Hour is about what would be nice to add to TeX Live. Your suggestions are important. Next week's TeX Hour is about squeezing everything into the 8GB available on the TeX Collection DVD.

When and where. Thursday 17 June, 6.30 to 7.30pm UK time. The UK time now is at https://time.is/UK. The zoom details are
Meeting ID: 785 5125 5396
Passcode: knuth

One of Don Knuth's goals in writing TeX was to give people software that worked the same for everyone, across space and time. In the 1980's the TeX Users Group contributed to this by distributing source code tapes (the best medium at that time). Today TUG's support for the TeX Collection DVD and the TeX Live distribution has a similar purpose.

This week and next TeX Live is the focus of the TeX Hour. TeX Live provides a shared software experience for LaTeX to PDF. The focus this week is what would be nice to have in TeX Live, for other outputs such as HTML and EPUB. And for other inputs such as Markdown and XML transformed to LaTeX.

In case this seems a bit strange and off-topic, remember that Don Knuth's WEB system of literate programs produces Pascal source and TeX source as output, from a single WEB file. And tools such as bibtex produce LaTeX source from content held in bibliographic databases.

The focus this week is on what's nice to have, in enlarging the shared TeX Live experience to include outputs such as HTML and EPUB, and inputs such as Markdown and XML. Today many authors and publishers want multiple media outputs. And it's key for accessibility. And for integrating with modern learning systems.

Next week the focus is on shrinking and simplifying the present TeX Collection DVD, and making year-on-year change more manageable, without significantly reducing the user experience. For the R-community, TinyTeX shrinks TeX Live to 100MB.

The videos for the last two week's are available at

3 June 2021: Rethinking the beginner experience

10 June 2021: Code and Math Accessibility: Hard? Easy? When? Why?

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