Aside: I'd be very interested to hear the views of the LaTeX project on this topic.

The topic of tomorrow's TeX Hour is 21st century digital typography. The years 2078 to 2082 will be the 100th anniversary of Don Knuth's creation of TeX, Metafont and the Computer Modern fonts. Being already more than middle-aged, I won't be there to celebrate. However, I'll talk about this at next month's online TeX Conference. My abstract is available at:

The details for the TeX Hour are:

Date and time: Thursday 15 July, 6.30 to 7.30pm UK time.
UK time now: https://time.is/UK.
Meeting ID: 785 5125 5396
Passcode: knuth

The videos from last week's TeX Hour (about user experience) will be available by tomorrow at:

The free and online 2021 TeX Conference is 5-8 August. Details at: https://tug.org/tug2021/.

Happy TeXing in the 21st century