I'm gathering projects for 2022. Last week I spoke about creating an accessibility checker forĀ  the source files for LaTeX documents. Also lastĀ  week I gave my talk on Portable TeX Documents (PTD) at the very first PackagingCon. That's also going to be a 2022 project for me.

Thu 18 Nov: 6:30 to 7:30pm UK(=GMT) time. UK time now: https://time.is/UK.
Title: Portable TeX Documents - next steps

Tomorrow's TeX Hour is focussed on exploring next steps for Portable TeX Documents. I think the social and community aspects will be as important as the technical side. The abstract and links to the slides and the video recording (21 minutes) are available on the conference webpage for my PTD talk.

There won't be a TeX Hour next week (Thu 25 Nov), as in the US it's Thanksgiving, which is one of their major public holidays (celebrated with a hearty lunch including pumpkin pie). So the TeX Hour will resume on Thu 2 December, with a focus on Beginners.

By the way, the TeX Hour monthly cycle is:

1st Thu: Beginners
2nd Thu: Accessibility
3rd Thu: Conversions
4th Thu: Durable documents
5th Thu: EXplore and EXperiments

Happy TeXing