First, there's a really valuable and important accessibility thread for us on the Blind Math mailing list. It's deeply rooted in real-world problems and solutions. Mainly it's Jonathan Godfrey's response to Brandon Bigg's query: Tutorial on Using RMarkdown?

In tomorrow's (Thursday) TeX Hour I'll share my initial thoughts on an architecture for accessible typesetting. This will be a technical session, focused on having control over what happens whenever input text is added to TeX's horizontal list for the current paragraph. Last year a similar TeX Hour conversation led to the concept of a Portable TeX Document, so finger's crossed for tomorrow. All welcome.

Meetings are Thursday 6:30 to 7:30pm UK(=GMT) time. UK time now: https://time.is/UK.
The URL is: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/78551255396?pwd=cHdJN0pTTXRlRCtSd1lCTHpuWmNIUT09

Next week I'm delighted that Nelson Beebe has kindly agreed to be a special guest, as a expert and long-standing participant in the annual process that produces a new TeX Live distribution each year. Nelson tells me that the current status of his work and the final result for 2021 are logged at

The TeX Hour continues to evolve. I hope at least once a month to have a special guest to talk with us about an important topic. Nelson is the first one this month (unless I immodestly count myself). I you'd like me to invite someone, or volunteer yourself, just contact me.

 And we're enlarging the list of topics for the monthly cycle of B, A, C, D, E. These letters now stand for

1st Thursday: Beginners (and new for 2022 - Basics)
2nd Thursday: Accessibility (and new for 2022 - Architecture)
3rd Thursday: Conversions (and new for 2022 - Community)
4th Thursday: Durable Documents
5th Thursday: Experiments and Exploration

Happy TeXing.