> In the hyph-utf8 bundle of hyphenation patterns, there is one file that
> has not babelname set (in the comments):
> tex/generic/hyph-utf8/patterns/tex/hyph-no.tex

>> Not knowing if it's intentional (to not specify the babelname for
>> this file) or not, I mention it...

Although intentional, this is not quite correct if we follow the
Unicode CLDR, which considers the ‘default’ Norwegian is ‘no’
(technically it’s a macrolanguage, and ‘nb’=“Norwegian Bokmål” is
empty and just inherits from it). This is the correspondence made
by babel, which follows Unicode. However, internally, hyphenation
rules are set to the name ‘norwegian’ as set in language.dat,
which loads ‘nb’, which, in turn, loads ‘no’, so in the end it
works as it should 🙂.