On 17/10/2023 17:52, Matthias Floré wrote:
> Dear,
> As proposed in interface3.pdf, I hereby inform that in the next version 
> of the wheelchart package, I plan to use some of the \tl_build_... 
> functions from l3candidates. Namely
> \tl_build_begin:N
> \tl_build_end:N
> \tl_build_gbegin:N
> \tl_build_gend:N
> \tl_build_gput_left:Ne
> \tl_build_gput_right:Ne
> \tl_build_put_right:Ne
> \tl_build_put_right:Nn
> \tl_build_put_right:NV
> Kind regards,
> Matthias Floré

Hello Matthias,

I have recently raised the remaining functions in l3candidates with the 
team. It is clear that we will retain the names at least as deprecated 
functions: the functionality is clearly required and what is needed is a 
final decision on them.