On 21/05/2024 07:18, Thierry LARONDE wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm updating the recipe for LaTeX on kerTeX.
> latex-lab is an addition in required but, if I'm not mistaken, not
> really required (used perhaps "if available", from the README).
> What do you recommend? Adding it since it could be used for ones
> wanting to test and does no harm; or can be left aside for now?

Nowadays, 'required' isn't anything like as important as it once was:
most users will have a lot of stuff that's not marked as 'required' but
needed for most real documents. (hyperref and its dependencies are an
obvious example.)

In the case of latex-lab, it's only used if one is doing stuff using
development formats, so arguably is not required for 'production'
documents. Whether you want to include it as it is definitely needed for
latex-dev is really a judgement call.