On Wed, 18 Dec 1996, David Carlisle wrote:

> > How much of this could be automated for LaTeX?
> All of it, probably? It depends a bit where you want the automation to
> start. You describe three `paragraph styles' called `b' `c' `d'
> (perhaps there is a fourth, `a' ? Hart's is in the library across the
> road:-) Probably each of these could be set in TeX.
> It becomes hard if you need to make the choice of which paragraph
> shape to use automatically, ie do you know that for a given class of
> documents you can set all footnotes run on in style `d', or do you
> need, on each page, to inspect the texts gathered and decide a
> `suitable' paragraph style for setting those texts?
> David

Ideally, the last.

P de B