Werner Lemberg writes:

> A few months ago I asked which encodings for LaTeX 2e are assigned
> currrently. Alas, I lost this info. I couldn't found anything on
> CTAN describing the various encodings. Is such a document available?
> I'm searching a Cyrillic encoding suitable for 8bit fonts---is this called
> T2? Has this encoding already been defined? If yes, where can I get infos
> about the layout?
> Additionally I want to know where I can find an archive of the latex-l
> email list: listserv does not deliver very much...

T2 _is_ reserved for Cyrillic, but AIUI the layout of the encoding
isn't yet fixed.  J"org Knappen coordinated a meeting about it at
TUG'96, but it surely can't have produced a final answer, since all
the people present were primarily Russian-speakers (i.e., no
Bulgarians, Serbs, Ukrainians, etc.).

J"org -- are you there?  Do you have any output from that meeting?

Robin Fairbairns