>Well, I think I could come up with my own set of three different lines
>that the discussion here follows or should or shouldn't follow.
>1. Implementation of the proposal of Justin Ziegler
>2. Design of standard TeX/LaTeX control sequences to access all those
>   glyphs.
>3. Discussion about missing glyphs, fonts, typographical traditions and
>   rules etc.

  Frank Mittelbach will have to speak for himself, but I got the
impressions that he said that 2 and 3 indeed belong to the LaTeX3 project,
but not right now, because he first want to see a working version of 1, and
when that has arrived and been evaluated, one can reopen those other
discussions, as far as the LaTeX3 project is concerned. Right?

  -- But I am not sure that the math-fonts-discuss subscribing mechanism is
working right now.

  Hans Aberg