[Sebastian Rahtz]

| CTAN:fonts/psfonts

OK, I've seen this before.

looking at adobe, I find

.zipped      baskervi/    courier/     nbaskerv/    symbol/      zapfchan/
00Contents   bembo/       garamond/    ncntrsbk/    times/       zapfding/
agaramon/    bookman/     gillsans/    optima/      univers/
avantgar/    centaur/     helvetic/    palatino/    utopia/

and at xadobe, I find

00Contents   agaramon/    bembo/       centaur/

Adobe's PS font library has four hundred more families.  for my purpose
this is a bit awkward, since I'd prefer to get all of the vf's, tfm's,
fd's, etc., in one go, rather than in one directory for each font.

but this is a good start, anyway...