At 14:14 97-04-16, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:

>what does LaTeX3 have to do with scaled or not scaled fonts?
>LaTeX users should have access to any font they find suitable. how its
>implemented is irrelevant, if it has metrics. Its like saying LaTeX
>should mandate the sort of printer and paper that we use!

  The experts will have to answer this more carefully, but I get the
impression that the LaTeX3 project deals with several issues concerning the
maths fonts issue, but one is certainly (eventually) including a new good
set of standard fonts, that can be used in technical typesetting. This may
end up in some non-base package, like the AMS-TeX package. Another issue is
making the development of additional such new font families easier. So I
get the impression that the idea is not that everyone should be able to
just flip in whatever they like.

  Hans Aberg