>   The problem is not doing this, but it does not provide correct math
 > typesetting.
it depends how i set it up!

 > In fact, some TeX versions (like BlueSky Textures) allow
 > direct inclusion of PS-fonts, so you do not even need to convert them
 > (except for a metric fonts file).
sorry, i think you are confused about fonts and TeX. what do you mean
by `conversion' of PS fonts?

 >   Getting a translation PS font -> METAFONT might be a partial help, but it
 > will not resolve the math fonts issue, which is tied up to the problems of
 > kerning, and optical scaling, font families matching, etc.
you can resolved these issues with proper LaTeX styles, encodings,
metrics, and using the right fonts. Seriously, this _isnt_ an issue.

 >   The sorry thing that there are not many math font families to choose
 > from, and one idea of the math encoding project was trying to help changing

if it was one aim of the project, i am really quite surprised!