> >   The second question, which I discussed, is how supplying the information
> > one would normally expect from TeX's full capacity. This takes quite some
> > effort to add, Robin Fairbairns said.
>You persist in equating features of Computer Modern with TeX itself;
>they are quite separate things!! It _is_ true that you need extra
>metric information to build good math metric files for TeX, but thats
>another issue. Y&Y add extra detail in the AFM files for Lucida Math
>for this reason.

  I do not equate the features of Computer Modern with TeX itself, it is
you claiming I do that, but Computer Modern and TeX were originally
developed as a matching pair.

  I think Frank Mittelbach put up some interesting articles on what general
pragmatics one use.

  So do you think that the extra math fonts metric added in the Y&Y AFM
files for Lucida Math is sufficient for a good TeX or LaTeX font, I mean so
that people who normally just writes manuscripts could just flip it in?

  Hans Aberg