At 09:21 97-04-17, Robin Fairbairns wrote:

>>   The sorry thing that there are not many math font families to choose
>> from, and one idea of the math encoding project was trying to help changing
>> that.
>No: the maths font encoding project was just that: a means to sort out
>the sorry mess that's arisen with umpteen fonts (from Knuth, the AMS,
>Washington, St Mary's Road, Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all) each with
>their own encodings of small parts of the problem, each independently
>encoded, but with some duplicated glyphs.
>The chances of anyone doing more than synthesis are small...

  If the purpose is only to restructure the math glyphs already available,
and nothing else, I cannot see the point of nothering about it at all,
because even messy, it is workable.

  The thing is however, that the set of math glyphs do need suitable
extensions; some are already suggested in the new math encoding scheme
(lower case of scripts and outlines, arrows package). Some new suggestions
came up: slanted/upright script fonts, another more scripty series.
Regardless whether  that will be a part of the future LaTeX-distribution,
the LaTeX math encoding scheme should enable such extension to more easily
taking place (as it already does).

  Hans Aberg