Many topics have came up concerned with math fonts. There was (and still is
a special mailing list dedicated to the discussion of mathematical fonts in
detail, it is [log in to unmask] This mailing list is
archived, and the archives are available for download (warning, lots of
stuff...). The mailing list was inactive for a long time (at least a year)
untill now, but could produce amazing amounts of mail per day when busy.

Subscription details follow.

--J"org Knappen


I've now created an anonymous ftp area for math font discussions.
This is at in pub/tex/mathfont.  It's organized
into subdirectories:

   discuss: containing ~100K chunks of math-font-discuss in compressed
      Unix mail format.

   docs: containing the math font group discussion documents.

If anyone has a topic of a paper they would like to write for the math
font group, please send a brief outline to:

   [log in to unmask]