> Can you enumerate which problems Omega solves that e-TeX does not?
 > We are by no means unwilling to consider further changes to e-TeX
 > to render it of greater use to LaTeX users, but unless we are told
 > which features are missing it is not easy to implement them!
surely the present discussion shows whats missing? a solution to the
problem of multi-language hyphenation in the same paragraph?

Why don't you work with John Plaice and Yannis, and agree on a scheme
whereby the two projects merge? It doesn't seem to me that the present
situation helps anyone, with the impression given of rivalry. Yes, I
know you will say a) there isn't rivalry, and b) its a good thing to
have several teams on the job, but time is running out for a Tex
successor (as indeed it is for LaTeX3)....

switching eTeX to Unicode would be nice...