>   My guess is that one somehow needs to form a sponsored consortium, like
 > Microsoft sponsors the Unicode Consortium, but for this to work, there is
 > also needed a strategy for the different parts to cooperate. I think that

Lets be honest, can anyone think of a single bit of work in the TeX
world that has happened through serious sponsorship? Perhaps the
nearest example is Y&Y's commissioning of support for Lucida and
MathTime, which has led to eg the `bm' package. But that was very
practical and immediately needed. Its hard to see who would sponsor
what is effectively blue sky work.

Adobe have, I think, agreed to help with pdftex, but the details are
vague. On the other side of the world, I did get an indication that
Jon Bosak at Sun might find resources to make the TeX part of
formatting SGML with DSSSL work smoothly, but thats not helping LaTeX