Michael John Downes writes:
 > > i am biased, of course, but my ideal future is the `NTS' box that takes the
 > > Omega engine and uses DSSSL as its style language to format XML
 > > documents.
 > And with what editing interface for authors?

Well, zillions of people/authors do very nicely thanks with tools like
HotMetal, Author/Editor, Framemaker, Word, to pick on a range of
possibilities. Or do you mean editing style sheets? Different tack,
though again there are examples already in Frame or Word.

This is an interesting philosophical point - what is the future of
LaTeX3? to me, its not about authors at all, but about providing
high-quality tools for document formatting professionals.  Does anyone
share my view of the distinction?

Sorry, not sure if this falls outside the discussion range, or