Mark Steinberger writes:
 > Many publishers already rely on authors to do the initial stages of
 > typesetting.
 > I suspect that the percentage of such publications is on the
 > increase, and that the trend will accelerate.
this is not true for my employers; we try and discourage authors from
typesetting, it just muddies the waters

 > At least in mathematics, authors currently work in TeX (and if one is
 > lucky, latex). Authors may well be willing to learn a new system, but
 > only if they are given a good reason to do so.
our authors do not  use TeX for math; well, some do, some dont. lets not
pretend its by any means its universal

 > Is there an adequate reason to move away from TeX? If not, then
 > authoring tools should be TeX-based.
yes, there is a reason. it promotes abuse (mixing typesetting with
structure), and its not very amenable to validation. well, all the
reasons SGML was invented....