Michel Lavaud writes:

> The structure of the document in its first stages is indicated
> with punctuation marks, and typesetting indications such as
> \smallskip, \hspace{2cm}, \bf or whatever extend the set of
> punctuation marks available, and provide a convenient visual way
> to refine the structure. This mimicks exactly what one does when
> writing an article by hand.

This is a wind-up, right?  Or do people _really_ do this sort of

The structure of a document is (for me) indicated in its first stages
by the text, pure and simple, together with whatever fundamental
layout is defined for the class of document I'm writing.  I find it
easier to concentrate on what I'm writing, that way.

As a final stage, I may tweak things with explicit layout
instructions, but *never* at the start.  This process is called
"editing".  I do quite a lot of that for things I've not myself
written, too   ;-)