Werner Lemberg wrote:

> > Probably, either the definition of \DeclareTextSymbol should be changed,
> > or the new \Declare* command should be added to avoid this `bug'.
> I second this. What about the following:
>   \DeclareMathTextSymbol{<name>}
>                         {<encoding>}
>                         {<math character class>}
>                         {<slot>}
> e.g.
>   \DeclareMathTextSymbol{\CYRA}{T2}{cyrletters}{"0C0}
> the math category would always be \mathalpha (is this reasonable?)

May be, the optional argument (in wich one can specify the category)
would be useful? :-)

> \CYRA should then work in text and math mode...this is more like an alias
> for a letter than a symbolic name IMHO.
> LaTeX does this implicitly: you have a \DeclareMathSymbol{a}... but no
> corresponding sequence for text mode!

With best regards,