> 1 - Comparing TeX/LaTeX to RTF ; and there LaTeX is vastly superior
 > for scientists, for the simple reason that there are no formulas in
 > RTF. They are borrowed from an external software written by a third
not true, actually. if you look at the DSSSL engine Jade, it
writes RTF containing math.

 > 2 - Comparing emTeX, 4AllTeX, AsTeX, TeTeX and other freeware
 > TeX-based authoring tools to MSWord. And all of these are under
 > constant improvements, I think.
Word improves too. i dont use Word, i dont like it, but i respect
the enormous amount of research and testing behind its interface, and
its obvious (to me) that its light years ahead of eg 4AllTeX. i find X
windows and emacs a more fruitful environment, but then we all know
you get better coffee if your roast your own beans, grind them, and
make a proper brew. hands up all those who drank coffee prepared in
some less ideal way today