> Sebastian Rahtz wrote --
> > i have written many articles as an archaeologist and computer
> > scientist (mosty of them very bad), and I have (I think) never used a
> > mathematical formula.
> Only in the UK could an educated person seriously make such a statement
> in public.  In more cultured parts of the world it would be like
> boasting that you cannot write grammatical sentences.

An interesting view.  I read it as a statement about the fields of
endeavour that Sebastian partakes in (which didn't contain any news
for me).

I'm a mathematician by training (and first love ;-), but now practice
in computer `science'.  The mathematics in things that I publish is
likewise vanishingly small.  I've published nothing (for ages) that
wasn't produced using LaTeX.

However, I don't believe arguments about whether mathematics is the
defining property of a TeX-processed paper get us anywhere.  No
mathematician (who knows about disproof by counter-example) can
seriously make any such claim, surely?