Frank Mittelbach wrote --
>  > Are there still features missing that you would like to see (other than
>  > 16/32-bit/Unicode/OTPs/etc)?
> yes:
>   first of all, strip 16/32-bit/Unicode to request for a large enough unique
>   internal addressing space (which is what is meant and needed)
>   second, if you think feel otps are too radical then at least proper
>   enhancements of multi-lingual interfaces, eg carrying lctables with
>   the language nodes and what else is necessary in that area.
>   third: to make your etc a little more concrete: a decent support page
>   breaking
>   forth: support for grid design, eg research and results into a
>   different/additional concept of discrete glue that jumps rather
>   than stretches >

>   fifths: ...

[some of these next ones may be advertised as "comig sonn"?]

fifth ...:
Dynamic (as needed) sizing for various things: list-memory,
names-table, ...
I do not know enough about such things to know which others are reasonable.

Reimplement the handling of certain nodes (eg writes) so that
they do not affect the typesetting of text at all, but just indicate
positions in the internal lists.

Extend kerning to work across spaces.

eight{}ths: ...