Avan Suinesiaputra wrote:
> Hi, I am new in this mailing list and new user on LaTeX 2e.
> This is my first mail and forgive me if there are mistakes in this message,
> cause my English is not very good.
Everyone is sometimes new to something, no need to apologize.
BTW: My English isn't the best either ;-)

> Anyway, I found an inconvenient using paragraph on LaTeX 2e. Everytime I
> begin a new paragraph after sectioning command (\chapter, \section, etc.),
> it isn't indented. But next paragraphs after it, they are indented. I don't
> know which standard it is.
This ist standard; the most designer belive that this looks better.

> Could anyone suggest what I have to do to make every new paragraph indented
> no matter where they placed ?
\indent resp. \noindent before each paragraph can overwrite defaults.
The general setting of the idention is set by
(I've to admitt I don't know whether there is a good possiblility to
indenting also after \section etc.)