>> Yes, but see how close it is to 1.0 (the supposedly final version)?
>> If I remember correctly, the version number of the first public review
>> draft (mid-1995) was bumped up to 0.98 to covey the image of being
>> almost finished, while still leaving room for revisions.  The second
>> public version (November 1995) was then called 0.999 and officially
>> published in TUGboat 16#4.  I believe the reason for not yet calling
>> it 1.0 was simpy to give readers another chance for comments before
>> finalizing it.
>> If I remember correctly, very few things have changed since in the
>> transition from 0.999 to 0.9993, [etc]

Well, as usual I seem to be occupying a parallel universe!  My copy
of the TDS, taken from Sebastian's TeX-Live-2 CD, is dated April 15, 1997
and bears version number "draft version 0.104".  So where are these
0.999... versions?!  ** Phil.