>>>>> "VV" == Vladimir Volovich <[log in to unmask]> writes:

[Yeah, I know, it's weeks ago. But then, I don't come to read TeX
mailing lists so often nowadays. ;-) ]

VV> [ But there is really only one correct parser---TeX ;-) ]

No. There exist other(s). Besides those parsers mentioned here, that
often parse only a subset of TeX, I've written a full system, called
TLSI (TeX Language Specification Interpreter). It's described in
TUGboat, in the St.Barbara proceedings.

Of course, as TeX doesn't have much syntax anyhow (at least not in the
sense normal CS folks think of syntax), that doesn't buy you much.
What one really would need are hooks in the yet-to-be-written
typesetting and data engine.


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