Rainer Schoepf writes:
 > Richard Walker writes:
 >  > Clearly the reason we do not have this for CTAN is the fact that =
 >  > is still only a `draft' standard.
 > No! The reason is that there are not enough people in the TeX world
 > that work on CTAN.

Touch\'{e}!  But surely there can not be a CTAN.pm before TDS is
widely accepted (even if it is not finalized).  On the other hand,
maybe the availability of a CTAN.pm would encourage wide acceptance of

 > Most standards are drafts anyway.

Errr . . . whatever you say :-)

Maybe it's just because I don't think leaving it at version 0.9993
sends the right sort of message.

 > Rainer Sch=F6pf (wearing his CTAN hat)

Richard (with tie, no hat)