I plan to add a special comma below for composing letters with comma below
to the next release of the text companion fonts (tc fonts). The release is
scheduled to be released before RIDT and EuroTeX in March 1998.

Unfortunately, the contruction of romanian letters of different pieces
inhibits haphenation of all words with such letters.

Therefore you will have the following choices:

a) Most work, optimal quality:

Derive a romanian font from the ec fonts, where you replace s and t with
cedilla by ready-made s and t with comma below (a little exercise in
METAFONT, but not too difficult if you read Computers and Typesetting, Vol E
[The Computer Modern Fonts] carefully). Maybe you want to use virtual fonts
and fontinst, too.

b) Good hyphenation, compromise on letter design

Use the unchanged ec fonts with s and t with cedilla and good romanian
hyphenation patterns.

c) Compromise on hyphenation, no compromise on letter design

Use a construction like the one you described above. Or the coming comma
below from the tc fonts.

--J"org Knappen

P.S. I appreciate input on the design of the >>comma below<< diacritic. If
you have good samples of it, please contact me directly.