Sebastian Rahtz <[log in to unmask]>:
>...after some bitter experiences with
>\newlabel in .aux files (in relation to hyperref), I would plead for a
>more radical redesign of the mechanism than just adding style. for
>instance, adding in the title of sections, as well as the number,
>never mind a unique identifier....

  I recall there is a problem with long section titles, and their
appearance in the table-of-contents: I think one should be able to write
    \section{This is the Section Title}%
            [This is the Table-of-Contents Title]

  But, anyway, the information added to the AUX file should probably be
semantic (ref number, page-number, type of reference, filename, ev. section
title, ev. toc title,...), leaving it to the typesetting style to choose
the style components.

  Hans Aberg
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