>It's perhaps fine in "drafts" to accept the presence of incorrect .aux
>file information, especially if this facilitates speed.  But I would
>add reason 2A) for using \include: To produce a partial document
>that is identical to part of the whole document.  I think there are a
>lot of applications where this is a common need.

  For example, if you just want to print one article of a journal issue.
But it seems me that this idea with turning off the typeset output
(mentioned in Knuth's TeX-book) would be a simple solution, that is,
relatively easy to implement with reliable output results.

  Perhaps the two ideas can be combined: Instead of having a command
\include causing the pagebreak, one has a command \partition, that allows
one to skip forward in the typesetting process; then only use \input. (So
\partion\input would be equivalent to \include.)

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