> I'd like to get something that will convert to real latex syntax, so
> I can then use latex classes with custom features (e.g., customized
> hyperlinking features).

If you are dealing with the final document via TeX (as opposed to a
latex to something converter) then it may still be easier to do the
amstex to latex stage via macro (re)definition. For instance in that
typehtml example I mentioned last time, <h1>Another section</h1>
really does go through a call to \section, so will pick up any
definition that the class file gives, and if you load the hyperref
package then it will put in a suitably `active' link from the table of
contents. (Which makes an entertaining way of going from html to pdf,
preserving hypertext structure:-)

You mentioned the amstex bib stuff. I wish you hadn't:-) As you say
that should probably go to bibtex in which case you perhaps would need
an external converter after all.


Changed the subject to keep Frank happy.