> What about just the last names (no initials) in the running head?
in that case i would put just surname as shortform, surely? what else
is shortform for? TOCs?

 > Or should there be ONE command for the running head?  This might prove
 > to inflexible, since some will want all author names, some et al. and so
yes, journal style should determine whether to derive et al

 > Add as many as the maximum number required by anyone.  What exactly is
 > `communicated' (as opposed to `received in original form')?
god knows!

 > appropriate here:).  The keyword syntax is different from the normal
 > LaTeX style; by FORCING the author to include everything, compatibility
 > is assured.  If optional arguments (either in [] or via omitted
you you allow for {}, so whats the difference? it means we just have
the pain of remembering to say \author{}{Foo Bar}

 > keywords) are used then each individual .cls should complain if keywords
 > are missing.
which, indeed, is a feature; it provides a good interface for journal
classes to work with

 > One must also avoid individual packages adding their own
 > keywords etc without coordination with others.
again, one might regard that as a feature...