>  > appropriate here:).  The keyword syntax is different from the normal
>  > LaTeX style; by FORCING the author to include everything, compatibility
>  > is assured.  If optional arguments (either in [] or via omitted
> you you allow for {}, so whats the difference? it means we just have
> the pain of remembering to say \author{}{Foo Bar}

I think there is a difference in concept if not in effect.  Normally,
optional arguments CAN be left out, whereas they shouldn't be here.  If
it's really optional, the .cls can't complain, and if it should
complain, then it would be bad style to use [].

>  > keywords) are used then each individual .cls should complain if keywords
>  > are missing.
> which, indeed, is a feature; it provides a good interface for journal
> classes to work with

Yes, a feature.

>  > One must also avoid individual packages adding their own
>  > keywords etc without coordination with others.
> again, one might regard that as a feature...

Of course.

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