At 11:27 +0100 97/10/14, Robin Fairbairns wrote:
>Hans Aberg suggested:
>>   This can be sorted out by ideas of object orientation: Class A uses local
>> names A/foo, and class B uses local names B/foo; thus they do not clash.
>And then shows how such a technique might be used.  An interesting
>idea, but I can't convince myself that it's the `right' way forward.

  The correct way to understand if various object oriented techniques and
such are the right things, is to make a research prototype and then
experiment with that: Such techniques are otherwise difficult to
understand. One reason for this, is that it is about supplying structures
that are not there before and which formally are not necessary. -- It is
widely discussed why OOP is useful; one reason though is that it helps the
handshaking between structures.

  I have not made my stuff public, but I may do that sometime in the future.

  Hans Aberg
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