At 10:39 +0000 97/10/31, Robin Fairbairns wrote:
>Please *don't* be surprised if your message doesn't immediately return
>to you.
>Short of moving the list to somewhere not managed by a listserv,
>there's nothing we can do about this problem.  I don't even know if
>the problem is the listserv network between Heidelberg and the routing
>centre in Finland, the router in Finland, the network between there
>and the Rutherford, or the NT machine at the Rutherford that gateways
>to Janet.  I know at one stage the Rutherford machine was not man
>enough for its job, but it's been upgraded since.

  I know that someone claimed (four years ago) they had slow ftp lines in
and out of Finland, so if that is overloaded at times, the network may get
slow. I have no idea if that is what is causing the problem though. Also,
sometimes ftp Sweden->UK seems slow, too. I think the Swedish network is
fast, though.

  Hans Aberg
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