> > 2. Most journal style files (few issue classes) do include extra features
> >    for handling tables, figure captions, references, sublabelling
> >    equations. Much of this can be handled by existing packages, such as
> >    my natbib.
> Hmmm...how does natbib come into this?  Sometimes the caption should
> come before the table, sometimes after---one has to code presentation,
> not content.  It's things like this I was thinking of.  How can natbib
> (in its present form) do this?

Natbib cannot do this at all. I was talking about other packages of mine
(which I have never publically released). Here natbib was only meant as
one example of an additional package to meet journals' special requests,
in this case, author-year citation.

There has been a great deal said about my natbib package in this discussion.
I shall send out a short overview of it in a following message, for
those readers who have never used it.

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