Hi. I read an email that says that it is better to put a suffix to
the command to remember the argument type. I ask to my friends (my friends
are physics students thar are learning LaTeX) and they think that it isn't
good idea.

        I like LaTeX as is, in fact I  amn't a TeXpert maybe I am a
TeXnician, but I want to learn all about LaTeX. I subscribe to this group
thinking that you discuss how to program any thing, and send the macros,
then I can learn from the experts. In Mexico nobody (who I know) has the
(except the source code, but is ilegal to print it)   and the same if for
The LaTeX companion, I am learning reading the source code for some
packages, but there are too much commands that I cant imagine ist function
or its syntax. However I am working to learn as much as I can and have
time because I like very much LaTeX and hate MS-Windows (also winword).