> At 22:21 +0200 98/10/16, Martin Schroeder wrote:
> ><nitpick>
> >AFAIK it is not pascal-ish, but classic algol68-like pseudocode. :-)
> ></nitpick>
>   SSMA, I recall that Wirth who made Pascal stole the syntax largely from
> Algol: So what's Pascalish is likely to be Algolish, and vice versa.

algol-68 (what martin was talking about) and algol-60 have very
different specification styles.

wirth stormed out of the group that was specifying algol-68 because he
thought it was becoming too complicated (or something).  algol-68
never really took off (though i and many other people here programmed
in it a lot in the late 60s and early 70s); pascal's never exactly
taken the world by storm, either.

but i think the whole issue is irrelevant to discussion of latex.

so i'll shut up now...