> Judging by Hans Aberg's reply, there is perhaps a misunderstanding of
> the purpose of this list.
> It is for discussion of principles and requirements of LaTeX3, a major
> new system, not that of refinements or bug-fixes to LaTeX2e.
> So maybe, since the LaTeX3 Project Team does both of these, perhaps we
> should change its description from:

A rose, by any other name....  I think most people on the list know what
it's for and aren't confused by the name of the list.  As the two are
related, I think the discussion of both is appropriate here.

I hear lots of rumours about TeX's successors.  How much longer will
something like the current TeX/LaTeX continue to be developed?  Will
there be a branching of different lineages, with all continuing, at
least for a while, or will all but one die out/be killed?

Where is a good description of the goals of LaTeX3 and differences to
LaTeXe?  How long will the TeX/LaTeX/BibTeX/DVIPS/PostScript/CUSTOM-BIB/
NATBIB combination continue to exist in something like its present form?

Of course, no one can predict the future; I'm thinking about plans and

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