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> >     He said \quote{foo}, she replied \quote{bar}, and so on.
> > Then LaTeX uses a lookup in the current typesetting style (logical,
> > illogical, UK English, US English, etc) to determine if the quotes should
> > be single or double and the preferred style of nesting and so on.
> I think this is a great idea.

The major problem would be the nesting.
There are some parts of the Bible, for instance, where the outer quote
is thousands of characters long.
If an (or several) inner quotes were near the end of this there could
be trouble with missing closing braces.
I am sure we have all spent a lot of time looking for the source of
"end occurred inside a group" errors.

But for short quotes, which don't extend over a single paragraph, it
would be ideal, and should be a lot easier to implement than things
like \textbf{bold type}.

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