> That, at present, I cannot take a piece of LaTeX code, read it
> unambiguously into Mathematica and work with it.  (I am using this just
> as an example because I am most familiar with the two, but I guess
> everybody can replace these by their favorite systems...)

which rather fits in with what I do as a `day job'.

Date: Mon, 9 Nov 1998 11:20:22 GMT
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Subject: New OpenMath Standard Draft
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The Esprit OpenMath Consortium is pleased to announce that a new draft
OpenMath Standard and related supporting documents is available from the
project web site at


The above page contains links to the draft standard (as gzipped
Postscript and pdf) and also to a separate document describing
a possible type system for OpenMath Objects, and a proposal for a new
set of core Content Dictionaries.

We welcome comments on all aspects of ths release.

David Carlisle
for the Esprit OpenMath Consortium.